An up close and personal interview with Karyn about her experience using Ag3derm to remove an age spot on her face. Karyn first noticed age spots on her face ten years ago and since then has been unable to remove them, or prevent them from becoming larger and darker on her arms, hands and face. She was extremely concerned about the future of her skin until a male friend told her about Ag3derm. After removing the age spot on her face, Karyn has now started to treat the age spots on her hands and arms. Karyn has promised to show us her age spot free skin on her hands and arms in another video soon.


Ann, an English lady lived in Spain for 15 years and now knows from personal experience how damaging the sun can be to the skin, especially those with fair skin and less natural protection. After discovering Ag3derm on the internet, Ann has now completely removed an age spot from her face. She was so happy with the results she then went on to remove a Keratosis from beneath her left eye. Ann has a family history of Keratosis and knew the one she removed using Ag3derm was benign and safe for her to treat.


Pino is a hairdresser from Italy and his appearance is very important to him. The age spot on his cheek had been growing larger and darker in colour, but now it has gone after using Ag3derm for two weeks!