“I thought I would update you as to how I am getting on. It is brilliant.
I have taken photographs all the way through. I used it for 5 days then stopped as it felt quite tender, it scabbed and today the scab fell off whilst I was applying face powder.
There is no sign of my age spot and I have fresh pink skin underneath. Wow truly amazing. Thank you so much. All in all it only took 10 days for everything to disappear even the scab.” *

Jacqueline, UK United Kingdom(Great Britain)

“Works great ! I couldn’t dob it on twice per day because of my schedule. Did once per day for only three days and it worked great. I even think one day would have been enough in my case. It worked beautifully. Thank you much ! !” *

youtubeTheLuvnara, YouTube

“ok guys! i am back with my result of using agederm! i got it and used it about week morning and evening! i had two spots! it is gone now! new skin is pink and getting better! sun spot is gone! happy!! i am not with this company! i am just random customer! if you want to know more of my story let me know! ” *

youtubelovethe1wolves, YouTube

“I started having age/liver spots (as it seems to be called) since I was 15 years-old. I didn’t know why I had it, because other than that I had good olive skin and a was on a healthy non-fatty diet. As the years went on more appeared and the colour of the age spot gradually changed darker and my confidence had almost gone. I was determined to get rid of it and never stopped searching for a way. I tried all sorts of skin fading/lightening products, microdermabration, IPL, even had it lasered off which seemed to work temporarily. It was not only getting expensive, laser was very painful and daunting experience I never wanted to experience it again and the recovery time was slow.Until 2 weeks ago, I stumbled across the Ag3derm video clip on Youtube, saw the website and decided to give it a try.. I was a bit worried at first about the pain of this ‘stinging’ feeling as it says I may experience. I tried it, and only felt a slight stinging sensation which was just almost like a tingle.. I’m now very happy with the results and thankful very much for Ag3derm giving me hope and confidence again, without the pain and expense of using other alternative methods. I love you so much and thank you!!” *

AustraliaLina, Australia

“Hi just letting u know that I have just ordered another 2 bottles of this. I ordered myself this 2 weeks ago and would like to thank you.
This is the most amazing product I have used. My freckles were removed in less than a week. All my moles r gone and I accidentally put one on a skin tag n that went hard n how fell off with no scarring. I have been spending thousands most my life on products that claim 2 work n don’t. With ag3derm u see it b4 ur eyes freckles disappearing. I don’t evem know how many ppl I have told about this product but heaps. Once again thank you for bringing back my confidence. I love my skin now thanks 2 you …. Mara” *

AustraliaMara, Sydney, Australia

“Just a quick thank you note…my face had quite a few large brown discoloured areas, I have spent thousands of dollars on creams, peels, microdermabrasions and what ever I could find – all for nothing. After 9 days of using Ag3derm the brown spots were peeling off leaving the new fresh pink skin showing through. Three weeks later and the pink new skin had blended in!” *

Alma, Mexico Mexico

“Ag3derm is unbelievable!” *

Jenny, England England

“My skin had severe sun damage and wrinkles. Ag3derm has made me look 10 years younger. All of my age spots have disappeared giving my complexion a much younger appearance.” *

Maria, Benidorm, Spain Spain

“I am writing to you in order to express my extreme pleasure and complete satisfaction with your product. For many years I have had severe looking age spots and for many years I have tried several products and can honestly say they were a huge waste of money, until I tried Ag3derm. This actually worked in under 2 weeks with no pain or discomfort. I wish I had looked on the internet sooner and found your product thus saving me a huge amount of money and embarrassment to my bank account. A fantastic product and fantastic price.” *

Becci, London, UK United Kingdom(Great Britain)

“I found Ag3derm after looking on the internet for “age spot removal”. Nobody I knew had heard of it, I just do not understand how nobody had ever heard of it before. It did everything that it said would, my best friend has already placed her order. Thanks to the internet and Thank You.” *

Cara, San Francisco, USA United States of America (USA)

“I am a 63 year old man, who knows nothing about skin blemishes/pigmentation. I had a dark brown spot on my forehead, which was very annoying! All of my lady friends had told me that it was just something I had to get used to. Nothing would remove it. But another friend who used to live in America told me of your product. “I” am now telling the ladies how to remove their pigmentation – I am very popular! (It went pink and took about 5 weeks in total to blend in).” *

Tony, Oxford, UK United Kingdom(Great Britain)

“I love Ag3derm, I was so depressed about my appearance having to apply heavy make up every day! My hands also looked a mess and even my chest. I am now going out more and so much happier that I used your product. And it is not expensive!” *

Kym, Florida, USA United States of America (USA)

“I am a sales rep in the cosmetics industry and my face is my salary. I had to beg my best friend to tell me how she got rid of her facial pigmentation. It took me over 6 weeks to persuade her to tell me about Ag3derm.” *

Jill, San Antonio, USA United States of America (USA)

“Wow! Brill! But do I tell anybody else or keep it a secret?!” *

Kayleigh, Sydney, Australia Australia

* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person