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Remove Age Spots & Keratosis.

Ag3derm blemish removal solution can remove pigmented skin lesions such as age spots, liver spots & keratosis. A tiny amount of this topical formula applied twice daily for up to 14 days is all the treatment requires.


We ship worldwide and always in discreet packaging.


One 15 Minute treatment at home is all that it takes!


Our product is safe, effective and 100% natural.

Choose Your Treatment

Ag3derm can be used to treat age spots, liver spots, brown spots, sun spots, solar lentigo, sun damaged skin, warts, pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, freckles, flat moles, keratosis & seborrheic keratosis.

What Our Customers Say

Just a quick thank you note…my face had quite a few large brown discoloured areas, I have spent thousands of dollars on creams, peels, microdermabrasions and what ever I could find – all for nothing. After 9 days of using Ag3derm the brown spots were peeling off leaving the new fresh pink skin showing through. Three weeks later and the pink new skin had blended in!.

Candace, New York, USA.