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Are Pigmentation Problems Hereditary?

Are Pigmentation Problems Hereditary?

Pigmentation is the coloring of skin. Pigmentation problems are therefore skin coloring problems. This happens when there is a problem with melanin production. It can either be excessive production (hyperpigmentation) or underproduction (hypopigmentation).

There are many types of skin hyperpigmentation problems. They are liver spots, age spots, keratosis, freckles and melasma. Age spots are flat patches on the skin that are brown in color. Age spots are not cancerous. This skin problem mostly affects the cheeks and forehead. Sinon ruby laser is one of the best laser treatments for this type of skin pigmentation. Melasma is another type of hyperpigmentation that is not easy to treat. The skin develops brown patches and they are caused by an overproduction of oestrogen. It also affects several body parts. Freckles are also a type of pigmentation which become evident after sun exposure, but they are genetic rather than caused by the sun. Many children have freckles.  This skin disorder has a tendency to recur especially when you expose yourself to the sun. Ensure that you use sunscreen when you are out in the sun if you want to stop your freckles becoming darker. Pigmentation problems are caused by many different reasons. They can be caused by excessive and unprotected exposure to UV light, poor diet, and hormonal changes.

Skin pigmentation problems are hereditary too. They are genetic. Suppose you have a family history of liver spots – you are more at risk of this skin condition. It is carried in the genes and nothing can be done in this situation.

There are numerous treatment options for hyperpigmentation. These work on your skin and in no time you will have your normal skin back. Lasers are used to treat this skin disorder. They are very effective and fast but can be costly. Sunscreen is also used to curb this situation. Sunscreen shields the skin from the harmful UV light and in no time, you will have an even skin tone. Topical lightening creams are also used to treat this skin disorder and they are also good in cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

Treatments for pigmentation depend on the type and the patients risk tolerance. There are many ways that you can prevent pigmentation. All you have to do is take a well balanced diet and avoid the sun.

In conclusion, pigmentation problems can be hereditary and preventing them is almost impossible. It is in your genes and so you cannot avoid it. Nevertheless, you can still get treatment for this skin condition and therefore you have no reason to despair.

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