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Lightening Age Spots

Lightening Age Spots

Are you suffering from age spots and want to remove them but don’t know how? There are some some simple treatments available for lightening age spots. Age spots have the effect of aging the skin and it may be the best of ideas to get rid of them if they are bothering you. Age spots are caused by the excessive exposure of the skin to the sun. As you expose your skin to the sun, the melanocytes that produce melanin will be damaged by the UV ray from the sun. This problem is promoted by compromised immune system.  Age spots have never been known to have any negative health impacts on the skin of those who are affected by them. You can then decide to leave them alone; cover them with makeup or choose a treatment. One of the best ways to get rid of brown spots involves the use of topical creams. Many of the topical creams contain bleaching agents.


Hydroquinone is one of the most common skin bleaching agents used for lightening age spots.  Hydroquinone is a very reliable bleaching agent and it is the main content of many of the topical creams available for treating age spots. There are different strengths and some countries will require a prescription whist others sell it over the counter.

It is good to remove age spots from your skin through hydroquinone and regain your normal skin color back.  But while you do this, you need to get things done very carefully. If the hydroquinone is overused or too strong, it can cause some unwanted side effects. This can occur if its concentration in any of the topical creams is too high. You should ensure that the concentration of hydroquinone in any of the topical creams for age spots is not more than about 5%. Hydroquinone is banned from some countries over the fear of a connection to skin cancer although this has never been proved on humans.

Topical creams for lightening age spots need to be applied consistently before you can ever expect to get a positive result from your endeavor. In order to get the best results, you should carry out the application twice per day over a period of a few months.  This will help to bring your skin color return to normal without the pigmentation spots.

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