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Brown Age Spots on Legs

Brown Age Spots on Legs

As old age catches up with us, our skin tends to lose that smoothness. Exposure to the sun doesn’t make it any good since the sun results to more melanin production which forms brown spots on the skin surface. Age spots appear on any skin part that is often exposed to the sun like legs, arms, face and shoulders. The presence of age spots on the skin is not appealing and no one would want to be seen with brown spots on the legs. For those who want to minimize or rather get rid of the brown spots on the legs then there are many options for you to choose.

When treating age spots you can choose to either go for the natural remedies or rather go for the modern forms of treatment. The question of which is the best method for treatment solely depends on how you way the options. For the natural forms of treatment they are inexpensive in that most of the equipment’s you will be using are available in our kitchen. The home lightening skin products are very effective in getting rid of the dark spots on your skin as well as ensuring you skin is smooth and bright again. Some of the most common home remedies include citric acid.

You can also go for the modern methods of removing age spots from your skin, including the legs. There are plenty of options starting from surgery. Surgery involves getting rid of the lesions completely either using laser or any medical treatment prescribed by the dermatologist. Other techniques involves freezing where the skin area that is infected is frozen with liquid nitrogen killing the cells of the age spots. Another method is use of creams; the skin lightening creams can be applied on the skin surface for a number of times as prescribed until the lesions fade away completely. The advantage of creams is that they also help to prevent reinfection.

As you attend to treatment always make sure that you observe preventive measures so that the skin infection does not spread to other parts. This can be achieved by making sure that you apply sunblock before going out to the sun or rather wearing protective garments to cover your skin. Finally, keep in mind that age spots or if you like liver spots are caused by exposing the skin to the solar radiation. Sometime age plays a part however; they don’t have a relation to the functions of the liver.

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