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Acid To Remove Age Spots

Acid To Remove Age Spots

Age spots are just excess melanin on the surface of the skin. It is noncancerous and therefore harmless. They appear as brown spots on the skin. The spots are never irritating but if disturbed they can itch very bad. The main cause of age spots is exposing the skin to excess solar radiation. Solar radiation destroys the free radicals in your skin causing lesions to appear. The lesions cause your skin to have an ugly surface which can lower personal self-esteem. There are many treatment options for curing age spots completely. The best you can do is to go through the various techniques to cure age spots then choose the one that sounds best to you.

Some of the techniques to remove age spots include, surgery, freezing and use of creams. They all help to cure age spots however; the technique used is totally different. Some of the techniques can leave scars behind nevertheless, there are creams which help to fade away the scars. For those who prefer home remedies as opposed to the commercial solutions, then use of acid will be your best option. Many of you will be glad to know that acids from the fruits we it can be used to treat age spots. There are also commercial acids that can cure the brown spots however not all of us are contended with commercial chemicals.

Lemon is one acidic fruit that can be used to get rid of age spots.  Lemon acid is a natural bleaching agent which in combination with vitamin C makes the formula for skin lightening. Contrary to the artificial acids, lemon acid is mild enough in that it can be used severally without causing any discomfort or inflicting danger. Many people prefer rubbing lemon slices on the affected parts, combination with other recipes can speed up the process. Nevertheless, using the juice alone can be very effective.

Citric acid is found in tropical fruits like orange and lemon. It has been used as natural skin care treatment for long. The acid properties in citric acid limit melanin production which will help to reduce more infection. Melanin is the skin pigment which if produced in excess results in age spots. Additionally, the acid contains properties that help to remove dead cells on the skin, therefore getting rid of the spots on your skin. The acid can also loosen the damaged upper skin giving room for the younger skin to come to the surface.

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