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Does Health Insurance Cover Liver Spots?

Does Health Insurance Cover Liver Spots?

Insurance companies provide an agreement to reimburse persons for specific losses, damages, illnesses or death in return for payment. When deciding on a health insurance policy, it is typical to evaluate the benefits and cost before going into any agreement. Some health insurance is specific as to what they cover, and as a result, sometimes you end up paying more out of your pocket.

The amount of money paid out by the insured person is usually less than that of the person who is uninsured. Insurance rates are generally set by private and government entities and they also decide what health issues are covered; medically necessary or cosmetics.

Liver spots are not deemed “medical” and are more of a cosmetic problem. It is a patch like blemish on the skin, particularly on the areas of the body that has been exposed to the sun. It is mainly caused from over exposure to the UV rays from the sun. It is also common in people age 40 and above because at that age, regeneration of new skin cells occurs slower. Even though liver spots are not cancerous, it may not be a bad idea to have a skin examination annually, as liver spots are caused by over exposure to the sun, which can also cause other more severe conditions such as actinic keratosis which is precancerous.

In general, no health insurance would cover treatments for this type of skin condition. Although treatments may be as expensive as $5000 for a chemical peel, this is still not a rationale for coverage under any insurance scheme. Additionally, there are inexpensive ways to treat liver spots. Over the counter oral or topical solutions may very well be under $60.

Plastic surgeries are not covered by health insurance, unless it is deemed by a doctor that it is necessary. Reconstructive surgery after an accident is considered necessary and therefore is covered by health insurance companies. So is reconstructive surgery after a previous surgery, such as a mastectomy. Breast reduction may sound cosmetic, but not if it threatens the natural curve of the spine. On the other hand, breast enhancements are not covered as this is entirely for cosmetics and appearance.

Insurance policies vary at insurance companies and each has a number of plans. Some of which are individual, family, business, life and dental. It is up to you, based on your requirements and the premium you are able to pay each month, to choose the one that best suits you. You should also consider your job stability. If your economic situation is unsecure and might not be for while, then you may want to consider a short-term insurance policy or a temporary medical plan.

In conclusion, your health insurance unfortunately will not cover any payments associated with removing liver spots. The good news is however, that there are still inexpensive ways to improve and enhance your appearance and attractiveness.

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