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Home Remedy For Liver Spots

Home Remedy For Liver Spots

Liver spots otherwise known as age spots are dark spots on the skin caused by the effects of ultraviolet light from the sun. As an individual ages the skin becomes more susceptible to ailments due to prolonged exposure to the sun. The dark spots appear mostly on the arms, face and shoulders, since this are the areas that are most exposed to sunlight.

Liver spots are harmless and painless and are in no way related to complications of the liver as earlier believed.  Most individuals with liver spots find them as unpleasant and may cause them a lot of emotional distress. However, this can be solved quite easily nowadays with a couple of home remedies.

Individuals with age spots should apply sunscreen when they are outdoors to avoid the spots. This should be high quality sunscreen with sunlight protection, since many sunscreens have proven to be inefficient. Individuals should also avoid basking in the midday sun since it is quite intense. Another remedy is to wear protective clothing which includes; shades, hats and long sleeved shirts and pants…

Another product that is easily available at home is lemon juice. Extract lemon juice from a lemon and rub the lemon juice on the affected area. Repeat this for a couple of weeks until the liver spots disappear or fade away. Do not overdo this treatment since if overdone it will cause drying up of the skin. You can also use Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with onion juice. Mix the two in equal proportions and apply on the part of the skin with the spots and leave it for half an hour. Continue with this treatment for about six weeks or until the age spots disappear.

Aloe gel from the aloe plant is also known to treat liver spots among many other numerous skin infections. Take the aloe plant and apply its gel on the affected part and repeat this daily for a couple of weeks until the liver spots fade. You can also use castor oil as another product on the affected area. The spots should be gone after a month.

One can also purchase skin lighteners (bleaches) and apply on the skin regularly as prescribed. Bleaching the age spots is highly effective since it removes the liver spots and lightens the skin tone leaving one looking young and radiant. Bleaching is also completely harmless to the skin. You should also avoid concentrated sugars, sweets, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco. Drink also a lot of water, about 8 – 10 glasses per day.

With these a few simple home remedies it is easy for anyone who is stressed about their liver spots, to remove them from the comfort of their home. This can also begin from the kitchen with the natural products.

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