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How To Get Rid Of Liver Spots

How To Get Rid Of Liver Spots

Many people believe there is no cure for liver spots and live with them for the rest of their life, however there is no need to put up with them – it is possible to get rid of liver spots. The skin is an organ which requires your body functions for rejuvenation therefore it can be difficult to repair damaged skin. Prevention is always better than a cure and liver spots are no exception to this rule. Preventing you skin from developing liver spots is by far the easiest option. You must always were SPF and avoid sun exposure between the hottest hours of 11-3. Try to wear a hat or sit under an umbrella, and don’t spend hours baking in the sun to get a sun tan as sun tanned skin is actually damaged skin. It may be too late for you to prevent liver spots from previous years of sun damage but it a lesson you can pass on to your children & grandchildren.

How to get rid of liver spots if its too late to prevent them?

There are various medical lotions & potions prescribed by doctors which you can use to get rid of liver spots. Always ensure you use the treatments as prescribed by the medic, trying to experiment with your own ideas will only land you into more problems. For moisturizing lotions apply them early before you go out to the sun, this gives the sun screen time to absorb into your skin. Apply the sunscreen on every part of your body especially the exposed parts, you can also wear long sleeves to cover your hands. For people with lighter skin you can use creams containing bleaching agents as they help to fade the pigmentation in the skin, however this may not be applicable to people with darker skin as it will also bleach the surrounding skin creating a ring effect.

Sometimes the liver spots may not improve even after using the treatments for the recommended length of time, in this case you will be required to visit a dermatologist. The dermatologist will carry out tests on your condition and explain to you the various options available for treatment. Let him explain to you the pros and cons of each method and the most advisable method for your condition, weigh the options given and choose the most suitable for you. Some of the options available for treatment are freezing with liquid nitrogen, skin sanding called dermabrasion, and use of acids known as chemical peels.

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