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How To Prevent Liver Spots With Vitamins

How To Prevent Liver Spots With Vitamins

Liver spots can affect both men and women. It does not actually have much preference for any particular age, but it had been noticed to be more in the older generation. As you grow older, you stand more chances of ending up with the skin condition. As one grows older, the skin tends to thin out and this predisposes them to liver spots. Smoking and exposure to the sun can also make the skin condition darken and it will become more visible to anyone looking from a distance.

Liver spots can sometimes disappear on their own after some time. But the discoloration of the skin is one thing that many people may not find easy to condone. So, they seek to get rid of the thing before it disappears on its own. Over time, lots of treatment methods had been developed for this skin condition. With the aid of the treatment methods, it had now become possible for one to get rid of this skin problem.  One of the treatment methods is the application of vitamins. This write up will look into those vitamins that can help to get rid of liver spots.

Vitamin A

This vitamin brings about cell turnover and this can help to break up the pigmentation that has formed on the skin. At the end of the day, the skin problem tends to disappear.  New healthy skin tends to grow at the site of the old pigmented one. Vitamin A can be applied in form of topical cream on the pigments.  It is available in the form of tretinoin or retinol.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can reduce free radical damage. Free radicals can make the skin grow older and make liver spots appear more frequently. The process is highly reduced by vitamin C. Vitamin C is also available in the form of topical cream and it can be applied directly to the surface of the liver spot. It is possible to get the cream over the counter. It is mostly available in the form of ascorbic acid.

Vitamin E

This vitamin can also be very helpful in getting rid of liver spots from the skin. After you must have excessively exposed yourself to the sun, apply about 5% of the vitamin and your skin can be protected and prevented from developing liver spots. Vitamin E can help to prevent formation of inflammation and free radicals, which can prompt brown spots. The vitamin E is available in the form of topical cream.

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