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How To Prevent Liver Spots

How To Prevent Liver Spots

Liver spots are black, red or brown painless unsightly blemishes that appear on the surface of the skin. These spots are not cancerous and do not lead to cancer unless in very advanced stages. Liver spots are basically harmless and painless and are no cause for alarm. They are known to affect areas that are more exposed to the sun like the hands, forehead, face and arms. Liver spots are also known as sun spots or age spots.

Liver spots can be easily prevented. There are various causes of liver spots and once you understand that, then you will be in a good position of knowing how best to prevent them. Age spots can be inherited. This simply means that they are hereditary. If your family has a history of age spots, then you are very likely to have them. In such a case, you can do nothing to prevent them as they are in your genes.

Liver spots are caused by excess exposure to the sun and therefore, you should strive to avoid the sun as much as possible. Avoid going out in the sun between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm as the sun is at its peak. The UV light at this time is at its strongest so you should avoid exposing yourself at this time to prevent liver spots occurrences.

Sun spots are more likely to occur because of the sun’s rays. You should ensure that you are on sunscreen every time you are out in the sun. Sunscreen shields the skin from the harmful UV light. It is also important to note that you should use sunscreen of the right factor most preferably a minimum SPF of 15.

Food plays a major role in development of a healthy skin. When you take unhealthy foods, you risk having a bad skin and poor health. To prevent liver spots, ensure that you take plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods with anti-oxidants help in preventing liver spots.

Age spots can also be avoided by ensuring that your liver is functioning well. it clears toxins and if it is in a bad shape then liver spots are likely too occur as the toxins will come out that way.

As you have seen, liver spots are easy to prevent. If you follow the advice above, be assured of avoiding the avoidable causes of brown spots and you will be safe.

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