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Natural Home Remedies For Keratosis

Natural Home Remedies For Keratosis

Natural home remedies for keratosis are some of the most commonly available remedies. All you need to manage keratoses is all around us. Caution however should be exercised when using this natural home remedies for keratosis because keratosis comes in different forms. Natural home remedies for keratosis do not work on all the forms of keratosis. There are those forms that require specific type of treatment because of the nature of its lesions. Solar keratosis for example results in lesions that are pre-cancerous which means that they have the potential of becoming cancerous. Natural home remedies for keratosis cannot be used in such cases to manage the condition because they will not be very effective. Such forms of keratosis require treatments that are specific and will effectively take care of them thus preventing them from turning cancerous.

The non-cancerous forms of keratosis are the ones that require natural home remedies. This is because they are not harmful to the person suffering from them thus the remedies will have time to take effect. The non-cancerous forms normally occur on the surface of the skin thus resulting in bump like lesions on the skin. Natural remedies for keratosis can deal with these issues and effectively manage the condition with ease.

The winter season is most common for outbreaks of certain forms of keratosis. Keratosis Pilaris is one such condition. This is because winter normally dehydrates the skin and dries the hair follicles thus resulting in KP. One of the most effective natural home remedies for keratosis is ensuring that your skin is always hydrated. Keeping your skin hydrated will ensure that the follicle roots do not dry up. A humidifier can be used to increase humidity levels in the house. It will also help in the hydration of the skin.

The use of mild soap is also is one of the natural home remedies for keratosis that works. Ingredients used in these soaps include propylene glycol, lactic acid, urea and various emollients. These have been known to soften the tiny skin bumps that are caused by keratosis. The use of moisturizer after bathing is an added advantage especially for your skin. This is because the moisture will be retained in the skin. Soaps with lots of chemical ingredients should be avoided at all costs because they do not contain natural ingredients and might do more harm than good.

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