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Seborrheic Keratosis Growths

Seborrheic Keratosis Growths

A Seborrheic Keratosis growth can be quite unsightly. Images of skins affected with Keratosis are readily available online and they show just how unsightly the condition can appear. The lesions come in a variety of colours and they start with a light tan. This colour soon changes into dark brown and finally to black. Even though the lesions are largely painless, experts advise against causing any irritation to them especially when they are located in body parts commonly covered with clothes. When these growths are irritated, they tend to grow bigger and they may even get sensitive and painful.

Surveys indicate that the Seborrheic Keratosis is most disturbing when it affects the face. Most people dread the idea of having such ugly looking brown warts pasted all over their faces. The face is the most significant of beauty and the interference with its appearance can be torturous to the victims. The Seborrheic Keratosis that appears on the chest is less disturbing for men in the few instances where they are found there. This would be very different for women whose upper bust tends to be highly visible and any Seborrheic Keratosis growths would be highly visible and disturbing. Those unable to attend to these growths effectively are often seen changing their dress codes to clothing that mostly covers the affected parts. Perhaps the least disturbing one is the Seborrheic Keratosis on the back. Surveys indicate that most of the people who seek treatment for the growths at the back tend to be those whose growths have turned itchy or painful. They also tend to be patient in their choice of removal methods with the Seborrheic Keratosis growths often being removed using some of the slowest removal methods. The typical anxiety associated with the keratosis on the face and chest seems to be significantly reduced when it come growths at the back.

From the observations above, it may appear right to conclude that the frantic search for treatments for Seborrheic Keratosis may be due to cosmetic reasons. In fact, surveys have proven that cosmetic value of the skin is the single-most guarded feature with most people willing to go to extra lengths to ensure that their skin appearance continues to appear presentable for as long as possible. This may explain the reason why Seborrheic Keratosis skin problems continue to command lots of attention despite the fact that it poses a low risk to the overall body health.

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