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Therapy For Keratosis

Therapy For Keratosis

LED light therapy is a method of keratosis treatment that induces the use of photosensitizing drug and a particular type of light. The method used to cure keratosis is activated by a certain wavelength of light that is delivered by LED’s. This kind of therapy works to destroy the bacteria that causes keratosis, the light is directed to the sebaceous glands with caution taken on the surrounding tissues since it may cause damages to the tissue. It is not exact as to the frequency of light a patient receives since the frequency depends on the condition of the infection.

LED treatment is a very invasive procedure however if you want to see desired results then a series of treatment has to be performed for you to see any visible changes on your skin. Blue light therapy speeds up the repair mechanism of the cells in the skin plus stimulates the skin to refresh by itself. Never expect the LED light therapy to help you with skin tightening if will do that for your skin the good for you since LED treatment is only directed to cure keratosis.

As much as LED light therapy is a very efficient in treating keratosis it is not clear as to the extent of side effects the patient will experience, none of the patients treated using LED therapy have complained of any side effects. The advantages of LED therapy is that the procedure can be applied on the same area repeatedly without causing any injuries to the skin.

In case you are receiving treatment of keratosis on areas around the face, then most dermatologist recommend appropriate goggles which are specific to the LED wavelength of light. The therapy uses very gentle wavelength of light when treating keratosis hence no eye damages can be incurred by the patient, nevertheless dermatologists don’t recommend LED therapy if the patient experiences migraines or seizures.

The advantage LED light therapy when treating keratosis is that it has minimal side effects which are normally tolerated. What LED therapy does is destroying the mutated tumor cells without causing any effect to the patient’s healthy skin cells. Most patient’s experience slight burning on the treated areas but the goodness is that this burning session is actively reduced by cold air cooling which is normally applied directly after the treatment.

Whenever you are receiving treatment for Keratosis using LED therapy you should at all times brace patience since the lesions take a couple of days to disappear completely and for you to have a healthy skin. Ensure you seek the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner when receiving treatment using LED light therapy for you to get the right treatment for keratosis.

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