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What Does Pigmentation Look Like?

What Does Pigmentation Look Like?

There are several kinds of skin conditions; one of them being pigmentation. As the name implies, it tends to form a build up of pigment on the skin. Pigmentation can also appear on animals and even plants, as it is an excess of the substance that gives a living creature its color. Here we will be focusing on the type of pigmentation that occurs on the skin of humans. When the pigment appears, it can affect all parts of the human body; irrespective of whether that part of the body is exposed to the sun or not. The pigmentation has its own special way of appearing on the skin, but do not panic as often it can be treated.

Skin pigmentation usually appears as an uncommon or abnormal coloration on the skin. When you see any color appearing in the form of brown spots on your skin, it is probably the pigmentation that is showing up. Melanin is found in everyones skin in different quantities, the darker your skin tone the more melanin your body produces. It is only when there in an irregular overproduction of melanin that you see brown patches appearing on the skin. When these brown spots appear, then you should consider the possibility that what you have is skin pigmentation. The color will usually be a few shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Some forms of skin pigmentation appear in adulthood and there are some other ones that can appear right at the time of birth. These ones are referred to as birthmarks. When they appear, people may think that they are cancerous. But in real sense, they are far from being cancerous. In order to differentiate between skin pigmentation and some other forms of skin blemishes, the appearance and characteristics of the pigmentation should be properly analyzed so as not to misinterpret what is seen.

Skin pigmentation can appear in different forms. There are times they can appear bluish and this type is called Nevus Ota. This type can appear on some parts of the eyes and the skin.  There are times some other forms of skin pigmentation can appear brownish. This particular type can appear in places like the buttocks.

Have you heard of moles before? They are other forms of skin pigmentation. In appearance, the moles appear light brown and they can also have skin color. This may make them rather difficult at times to easily identify. There are times that the mole may bleed or change color and shape, in these circumstances you should see a doctor or dermatologist to check for anything untoward.

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