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Age Spot Removal Cream UK

Age Spot Removal Cream UK

An age spot is usually associated with the sun. Age spots develop on the skin if the skin is exposed to the sun excessively; especially as one grows older. The younger generation too can have age spot, but as one grows older, it becomes more common. The immune system of an old person is already compromised. Because of this, the sun is able to penetrate more into the skin and cause some genetic modification of the melanocytes, which are the cells that produce melanin. Melanin is responsible for producing the skin color. Once the cells are mutated this way, age spot is sure to ensue.

An age spot can be called by various names. It can be called a liver spot, brown spot, sun spot, solar lentigo or senile freckle, it should be noted however that they do not only affect the older generation; it has been known for a person as young as 30 to notice their first age spot . Are you living in the UK and looking for a way to treat your age spot? There are several methods available in the UK & England that you can use to easily get rid of age spots. A very good example of possible treatment method involves the use of topical creams.

Many manufactures are making topical creams especially for this today. Different topical creams contain various active ingredients. Some of the active ingredients may be very helpful on your skin, while some other ones may end up having negative effect on you. It will be wise to seek advice from your dermatologist before you attempt to make use of any of the creams to treat your age spot in the UK. The dermatologist will be able to determine which of the topical creams will not have an adverse effect on your skin.

Many of the topical creams contain hydroquinone as the active ingredient. Hydroquinone will help to bleach an age spot and give you your normal skin color back. The hydroquinone must not be too much anyway; so that further damage will not occur on your skin while treating the skin condition. The content of hydroquinone in any safe topical cream must not be more than about 4%.

You can simply get the topical creams over the counter. You do not need any prescription to get them. This is also a very cheap method to get rid of age spot from your skin. You can also make use of sunscreen to prevent the skin condition from becoming worse.

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