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Age Spots and Liver Spots

Age Spots and Liver Spots

age spots and liver spotsAge Spots and Liver Spots are a common problem caused at a stage when a person grows old. Most of the problems are skin damage resulting in old age spots & liver spots when it is exposed to sunshine. They may also appear on different parts of body like ears, hands and face but how can you get rid of brown spots. There is nothing like the natural skin but it can be controlled from growing wrinkles and age spots & liver spots. They usually come when the person age reaches 40 or above and the reason is that during this age the re-growth process of skin tends slowly as in the normal age. This slow regeneration of skin combines with slow process of metabolism and becomes the cause of scars, pigmentation and wrinkles.

The first thing that is the main cause of skin damage is sun’s rays so always try to keep your skin away from the sun. But it is not always possible to keep the age spots & liver spots away from the sun so try to wear such clothes that protect the skin from sun rays like long sleeve shirts and long pants. But if the skin is damaged than there is a cream available like AHAs that treats with scars and wrinkles by disintegration of bindings in the upper layer of skin. Similarly, a cream derived from Vitamin A can also be used for this purpose because Vitamin A is very handy to regulate and control the generation rate of skin cells.

There are also some chemical methods that are supported by scientific formulas to control the age spots & liver spots recommended by doctors and skin specialists but these chemicals are useful for this purpose and harmful for other cells. There are also cosmetic skin treatment methods that are also useful for removing age spots or liver spots. These methods include soft tissue augmentation and microdermabrasion for age spots & liver spots. In soft tissue augmentation, collagen is introduced in to the skin of the patient to improve the outlook of the skin. Collagen is produced by cow and because of its natural affects it binds with the metabolism binder to generate the new skin in an efficient and faster way.

Similarly, microdermabrasion is a treatment for age spots and liver spots in which a metal brush in teeth refined form is applied to the affected areas of skin and takes the dead cells away from the skin while allowing the new skin to take the place of older skin. These methods are quite useful for age spot & liver spot removal.

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