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Liver Spots Treatment

Liver Spots Treatment

Liver spots are also known as “Lentigo senilis” and are brown spots that occur on the skin as  a person ages and are caused by excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Unlike earlier believed they have no physiological connection to complications of the liver. The spots vary from tan brown to red or black. Liver spots normally occur on the arms, shoulders and face since this are the areas which are regularly exposed to sunlight.

The spots though totally harmless, tend to cause emotional stress to individuals who have them since these people see them as unpleasant. However there are many quick methods of treating liver spots nowadays. They range from cheap home products to the more advanced laser therapy treatments. At home you can apply lemon juice from fresh lemons on the affected areas for a couple of weeks until the liver spots disappear. This treatment should however not be overdone due to the drying effect of lemon juice on the skin.

Aloe gel extracted from the aloe plant is also another quick treatment that can be carried out in the confines of one’s compound. Simply apply the aloe gel on the affected parts of the skin for a few weeks or until the liver spots fade away.  You can also apply castor oil on the skin and the spots should gradually fade away in a months’ time.

Apple Cider Vinegar is also a highly effective product in the quick treatment of liver spots. Blend onions or use a squeezer to extract juice from it and mix this with apple cider vinegar. Apply this mixture to the area with the spots. Continue this treatment daily for a few weeks until the spots disappear. You can also mix the apple cider vinegar with a glassful of warm water. Drink this mixture twice daily until the spots disappear. If the taste of vinegar is too strong, add honey to the mixture. The liver spots will disappear leaving your skin radiant and spot free.

The use of skin lighteners; most commonly known as bleaching creams is also highly recommended. The bleaching cream removes the liver spots completely and are harmless to the skin.  They lighten the skin tone and remove the dark spots on the skin without affecting the melanin producing cells under the skin.

In order to remove liver spots completely, you can also try the laser therapy form of treatment. Though a little bit expensive it is highly effective and includes short treatment sessions and a shorter recovery period than many other treatments.

These are a few quick treatment methods that can be employed by anyone with liver spots and is in a hurry do away with them. Treatment of  liver spots is therefore an easy process which can be carried out quickly and effectively at home or by visiting a dermatologist.

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