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Keratosis Creams

Keratosis Creams

Keratosis creams are creams which are developed to be applied topically on the skin to eliminate blemishes such as bumps, redness, rashes, acne and even scars which have persisted on the skin for long periods of time. The cream when applied on the skin will make the spots softer and less noticeable making it more beautiful and more attractive.

Keratosis creams are made to rid the skin of various types of Keratosis pilaris which is a genetic disorder associated with production of excess keratin inside the hair follicle. This condition manifests itself by appearance of coarse bumps on the skin which are colloquially referred to as “goose bumps”. These bumps may appear in several forms such as a reddish rash on the cheeks or rough, white bumpy skin. They can appear on any surface on the skin and are quite common on the arms.

Keratosis creams are made with a serum which is derived from a snail of the species Helix Aspersa whose skin has the same collagen, skin cells, elastin and skin molecules similar to the human skin. This cream accumulates on its skin copiously when it is hibernating a period when its metabolism is highly reduced. It is this lotion or cream that is harvested and used to produce keratosis cream.

Keratosis cream thus contains complete, balanced skin treatment with a biological compound of soluble proteins and complex acidic glyca (sugar) molecules. The cream is an odorless white cream or lotion, or gel cream which contains no synthetic chemicals.

The use of keratosis creams on the skin regulates or decreases keratin production and deposition and dermal fibroblast proliferation and reduces excess collagen production. As such it prevents and reduces abnormal scarring and ultimately keratosis.

Overall keratosis removal cream leaves the skin smooth refreshed, soft and with continued and prolonged use over a period of time it takes away al blemishes and imperfections.

There are many brands of keratosis creams in the market currently thus giving a wide choice to choose from. It is also highly advisable to stick to the same cream since a mixture of several of the creams may lead to a negative reaction on the skin, whereas it was supposed to reduce blemishes it may be the onset of a worse state. Since keratois cream is one of the best products when dealing with keratosis it is highly recommended by dermatologists and sooner or later the blemishes on your skin will be a thing of the past.

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