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Keratosis Home Remedy

Keratosis Home Remedy

Keratin as we all know is a natural portentous substance that guards our skin against contamination by harmful substances. When keratin inside the hair follicle forms clogs it results to an infection known as Keratosis. This infection occurs due to the skins direct exposure to the sun’s rays for a very long time. If these clogs appear in many hair follicles then the result is a patch or a rough surface on the skin. There are very many options for treating keratosis out there all you need to know is what will work best for you.

Keratosis is not a contagious infection hence doesn’t necessarily require medical attention nevertheless it is safe to have a medical checkup to be sure that you really have keratosis. One of the best options you can use to cure Keratosis naturally is using home remedies, home remedies are cheap hence available to all however if you are not sure of what to do or if the condition still get worse even after applying home remedies please seek medical attention. Most people will opt for the conventional methods of treatment not knowing that some of the conventional methods are risky and will do you more harm than good.

One of the home remedies to star with is watching your diet, change your dietary habits by including more of vitamin E and essential fatty acids. These elements promote exfoliation process of the outer layer of the skin which in turn helps the skin get rid of the excess toxins in the body. Regular cleansing of the body helps to get rid of the toxins since if left on the body will clog the hair follicles.

Once you have kept your diet in check the take precaution measures to get rid of keratosis on your skin. Natural treatment creams will do you a great job; apply the cream regularly until you see changes in your skin. Be patient as this may take time don’t be in a hurry to switch medication as this may harm your skin or even cause irritations. The creams contain biological serum that helps to safe guard and renew skin that has been damaged. The cream penetrates the skin and boosts new cellular proliferation in damaged areas.

Alternatively you can use tropical creams, tropical creams are known to hydrate, soften and dry skin. Most dermatologists recommend it to their patience to ease the redness of keratosis. Since urea is chemically unstable it evaporates leaving the skin dry, on the other hand the moisturizing effect helps reduce the appearance of keratosis. The advantage of topical creams is that they encourage cellular proliferation and prevent the pores from clogging. However you should have full knowledge of the prescription to be followed since excess of some of these elements on your skin can cause skin irritations.

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