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Age Spot Removal

Age Spot Removal

When most people age, they tend to develop dark marks on their hands, face and arms. If the marks appear on your body, it is a sign that your skin is damaged. They are also a sign that you have been exposed to too much sun over the years. There are various age spot removal options that are available. Age spots are not always dangerous but they are unattractive therefore it is better to get treatment when they occur.

Some of the age spot removal options are expensive while others are affordable therefore your choice will depend on how much you are willing to spend. Most of the treatments are not covered by insurance and if you select expensive age spot removal, you should save in advance. The treatments can also increase your sensitivity to the sun therefore it is advisable to get all the information before the procedure.

One of the common age spot removal options is laser treatment. The laser is effective because it helps to get rid of the melanin that has accumulated in your skin. You will need to get two or three sessions if you choose laser treatments. The treatment is usually painless but this will depend on your pain threshold.

Age spot removal can also involve the use of medications. These medications are usually prescribed and some of them contain retinoid and hydroquinone whuch help to fade the marks. With regular use of the medications, you will be able to notice significant changes on your skin within a couple of months.

Some people also prefer cryotherapy for age spot removal. This form of treatment uses liquid nitrogen which helps to destroy the extra pigment in the affected areas. If you select this age spot removal method, you should be aware of the risk of discoloration and scarring.

Age spot removal can also involve dermabrasion where the top part of the skin on the affected areas is scrubbed off to give you new, lighter skin. When dermabrasion is used, there is the risk of developing scabs and redness but this will disappear after a while.

The age spot removal option that you select will depend on how much you are willing to spend, and the period of time you want to wait before getting results. It is advisable to start with the less aggressive ones including medications before you choose options like laser and dermabrasion.

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