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Herbal Age Spot Removal

Herbal Age Spot Removal

Herbal Age Spot Removal can be done, but it does mean you might have to make some changes such as using sun block, if you are not used to using it and it may mean drinking some interesting potions that, some say, make your body stronger. Does it work? In most cases, the answer seems to be a qualified yes.

The qualified yes is the interesting part because keeping age spots under control or non-existent usually means that you not only live a fairly simple lifestyle, it also means that you are going to be drinking some interesting potions. What potions are these? The type of potions that sound as if Merlin might have mixed them for King Arthur, rather than today.

Honestly when was the last time you ran into someone who would normally mix “eye of newt “ to quote the Bard, along with other goodies like various parts of toads and other interesting items into a potion and drink said potion to cause good health? We can’t remember many who have done so recently but if you read any of the holistic health manuals that’s pretty much the regimen you must follow to remain healthy.

Actually, any kidding aside, there’s a lot to be said for using the remedies that our great-grandmothers used to make as a matter of routine when someone had the flu or a cold. For instance, it is said that Milk Thistle not only has the ability of successful age spot removal, but it also has the ability to make you healthier because of the free radicals that it cleans from your blood. That it tastes more than a little bitter and should be taken as a tincture (use an eyedropper and put it into something else) tells you that it’s not the greatest-tasting way to health in the world, yet it works.

Age spots or liver spots or sun spots, as they are known, are said, by some, to be caused by a buildup of wastes in the skin cells that have to be cleansed and while there might be a truth to that old wives tale, it is just as true that limiting one’s exposure to the effects of ultraviolet light or sunlight will also prevent age spots from growing as they are caused by enzyme melanin that causes the skin to react to light. Melanin, by the way, is one of nature’s ways of trying to protect our skin from overexposure to sun.

So, while it is true that a diet that may be heavy in red clover, burdock root and nettles, is also a healthy diet, it is also equally true that finding such items, outside of your local natural foods store, means that you will spend a great deal of your time in the sun hunting for the herbs that will make and keep you healthy.

So, why not go healthy from the start? Try using ginkgo biloba and that common household herb rosemary in a tea or mixed with other healthy juices – strawberries are a great source of Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants that can help control age spots – such as orange or grapefruit or even carrot, and you will find you are not only cleaning out the toxicity from your system but you are bringing healthy clean enzyme back. And, even the milk thistle that was mentioned earlier is an excellent way to make age spots go away because it contains a chemical called silymarin.

There are many great herbal methods of age spot removal and while they may not all be the greatest-tasting medicines in the world they will still help keep you young, healthy and vigorous for years. And, your age spots, by the way, will be a thing of the past.

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