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Age Spot Removal Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Age Spot Removal Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Does It Really Work?

Age spots are characterized with many colours, these could be yellow, tan, pink, brown or even black. They are found on the skin, back of the hands, face, neck and arms. Hormonal changes especially during child birth and taking hormonal therapies as well as the UV rays from the sun are mostly responsible for age spot formation on the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar comes with several healing properties and it can be applied on skin for dealing with several skin infections. Different individuals will react with apple cider Vinegar treatments , the combination of apple cider vinegar with several other ingredients can create an effective treatment for age spots. Some other ingredients which can be used in combination with apple cider Vinegar include; Orange juice, Honey, and onion juice.

Apple cider Vinegar and onion juice produce a fading mixture for age spot removal. The onions are sliced and then strained into a bowl, an equal parts of both the onion juice and the apple cider vinegar are mixed together, and a cotton swab is used in dabbing the mixture on the age spot, you can mix two teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of onion juice and applied twice a day to achieve the best positive result. You need to ensure that you do not apply this on the surrounding regions to prevent skin irritations.

Skin discolourations or pigmentation can be removed with the use of apple cider vinegar mixed with water and honey. The mixture can also be consumed as a drink to diminish such age spots. Similarly , the addition of one and half apple cider Vinegar with few teaspoon measure of orange juice can be used to fade away an age spot. This therapy can be applied for between 4-5 weeks to achieve the best possible result.

One of the safety concerns in the use of apple cider vinegar for age spot removal is the fact that such apple cider vinegar contents are not pasteurized or treated with heat and as a result , it contains some appreciable amount of bacteria, this can lead to bacterial skin infections. Aside this, bone density and potassium levels in the body can also be lowered in the body because of the acid contents of the apple cider Vinegar. Strong apple cider vinegar can cause serious damages to the digestive tracts and may also result in serious burns on the skin.

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