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Age Spot Removal – Laser Treatment

Age Spot Removal – Laser Treatment

There is a lot of information you need to assess when considering age spot removal, and such information has to do with the numerous questions which most people ask about the treatment of the condition. Laser therapy is one of the best possible ways of age spot removal. People often ask questions such as ; What type of pigmented lesions will laser treatment remove? Will the laser treatment remove my normal skin pigmentation as well?  How many laser treatment sessions will I go through before the lesions are finally removed? What type of post treatment therapies are needed and will the brown spots come back after sometime?

Several other skin disorders such as liver spots, freckles, and birthmarks can lead to the formation of brown spots on the skin.  Lasers may not be very effective at age spot removal that are cancerous in nature, all other forms of brown spots can be easily removed. Your physician will likely examine your brown spot lesions to determine the right kind of laser treatment.

The reasons why laser treatments often remove other dark spots aside the brown spots on your skin is due to the fact that the laser treatment often concentrate on areas where excess melanin is in action.  Some forms of laser treatments for brown spots can be slightly painful but such pains often come in a flash simply because there are powerful pulse of energy released from the laser and it hits the surface of the skin with an energy, producing heat. The melanin pigmentation and brown spots are instantly removed while the treated skin area appears as slightly burnt.

If you wonder the time duration expected for the treatment of brown spots through laser therapy, then you should note that around 80% of the brown spots are removed after the first session of treatment. In cases where your brown spot lesions cover so many areas, the physician may have to treat the different areas at different stages to avoid severe discomfort.  The procedure of laser treatment can be done several times and in some cases birthmarks and some other forms of brown spots may reappear after several years.

Post laser treatment care vary from individual to others. Anti-bacteria ointments can be applied on the treated area to prevent the setting in of bacteria infection on the slightly burnt region.

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