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Remove Age Spots Using Glycolic Acid

Remove Age Spots Using Glycolic Acid

Age spots are sometimes referred to as liver spots or sun spots because of the many similarities between them. Just like many other skin infections triggered by sun exposure, age spots also appear in places like the face, neck and hands which are parts mostly exposed to the sun. Unlike many other skin infections such as freckles that fade during the winter season, age spots do not fade out easily, hence you will need to remove them quickly. Glycolic acid is one of the materials used in age spots treatment. Age spots are some collection of flat pigmentation underneath the topmost layer of the skin – the epidermis layer.

The best possible way to prevent your skin from developing age spots is to stay away from excessive sun rays. The use of bleaching creams,  chemical peels and laser resurfacing are advanced form of treating the infection. Glycolic acid is quite effective as well and not as expensive as laser resurfacing.

Glycolic acid peel can be described as a superficial chemical peel which helps improve the pigmentation. It does not remove more than the affected skin layer unlike what many chemical peels do, hence it does not carry as much risk as other chemical peels while the recovery time is also less.  Glycolic peel operation is often complete in less than an hour and your skin is not subjected to much stress.  If you continue to protect your skin after treatment, you should expect a long lasting positive effect of Glycolic peels. Glycolic peels also carry less risk of infection after treatment, redness or any form of discolouration of your skin.

Glycolic acid creams can be used in place of Glycolic acid peels. These seem to be more convenient in terms of usage and you can wear them even to your work place. Glycolic acid creams and lotions contain some amounts of Glycolic acid chemical,  Glycolic acid creams create the same positive effect like Glycolic acid peels but may take a longer time, however it is not as expensive as chemical peels used for age spot removal. Prices of Glycolic acid creams ranges from $50- $100.

You need to do some sorts of research when choosing the right Glycolic acid cream for age spot treatment, many of such creams contain hydroquinone and such chemical must not be used in combination with glycolic acid.

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