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Age Spots – Treatment Options

Age Spots – Treatment Options

Age spots, liver spots, solar lentigo, senile freckle, lentigo senilis – whatever you want to call them – are actually a common skin problem. Well, not totally everyone because these dark and flat skin flaws arise only once you become senile. Therefore, people fear growing old which ultimately end in the development of age spots and other skin problems that arise along with aging. In line with this, people past their thirties and some even past late twenties, do not become really excited for the arrival of their birthdays. Almost all of us want to age gracefully and want to avoid any signs of aging such as dry, rough skin and wrinkles. To be specific, we do not want to deal with age spots. Therefore, we do anything in our ability to take care of our skin and to keep age spots from coming into existence even though sometimes, even our best efforts are overcome. Until one day, we are surprised and caught unprepared by their sudden appearance.

Thanks to science and technology, we now have several options to remove these unwanted lesions. Age spots, though not really threatening, make anyone unattractive. Therefore, if you have the funds for it, you should not look for any excuse just so you could justify the removal of your age spots. To eradicate these unpleasant age spots and to stop them from coming back. So, what are these treatment options?

The first on the list are medicated topical applications that are generally utilized to lighten the skin or to minimize the discoloration or the darkened color of the lesions. Their components are usually hydroquinone, retinoids or steroids. But a few are afraid to use these due to reported side effects. Moreover, since the creams’ contents work by minimizing the amount of melanin in the skin, the skin becomes easily harmed by the sun – another reason that some do not want to use them.

The next treatment is a peel which uses chemicals to scrape off the skin. As a result, new tissues are developed – responsible for your younger-looking skin. There are different chemical peel depths which depend on the type of chemical solution and the way the solution will be applied to the skin.

Another treatment choice, which works much the same as chemical peels in removing the skin’s topmost layer is microdermabrasion. However, the difference between the two lies on the materials and techniques used. Laser therapy and cryosurgery are another two treatment choices that recently have been having more and more patrons. Lastly, some resort to milder treatments such as taking supplements like Zinc and Vitamin C or applying fresh lemon juice on the lesions.

Conclusively, the power to pick the most appropriate treatment for you lies in your own hands. In a nutshell, to avoid any recurrence of age spots: avoid the sun and its threatening rays and always ensure that your skin is entirely protected.

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