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Removing Age Spots

Removing Age Spots

Almost everybody can acquire age spots, which also goes by the name liver spots, sun spots or solar lentigines. The skin’s exposure to the sun is one of its underlying factors. But there is no need to worry since cures for age spots are available. You can remedy them at home or have it treated in a clinic. But before we go on, let’s review the origin of age spots.

A person’s skin color is determined by the amount of melanin he or she produces. Excessive ultraviolet rays are took in by melanin. Extra ultraviolet rays can lead to cancer because healthy skin cells are damaged.  Spots are formed when used melanin accrues.

Age spots can also be mistaken for skin cancer, so before taking any steps in removing them, consult a dermatologist. The following treatments can be tried if it is already verified to be liver spots.


•    Extracted onion juice and apple cider must be mixed in an equal proportion. Dab a cotton to the mixture and apply it on the liver spots.

•    Aloe vera extract or aloe vera in gel or juice form can also be rubbed or applied directly to the affected areas. Do this in the morning and evening, treatment should be left on skin for about an hour.

•    Lemon juice can also improve sun spots. Cut a slice of lemon and get its juice; then apply the extract to age spots. Wait for the lemon juice to parch if you plan to go outside.

•    Castor oil can also help in fading age spots.

The problems with home made treatments is that they take long to be successful. So, you may try more efficient alternatives.


•    Microdermabrasion/dermabrasion – The idea of this method lies on shedding of skin using a coarse sander. This is a rather poor choice because of the pain and slow healing time.

•    Chemical peels is another alternative when it comes to fading age spots. This method uses some chemicals, specifically glycolic acid.

•    If you really want efficiency and precision minus the pain, try laser treatments. The good thing about laser treatment is that it does not damage neighboring cells. And it is almost painless.

You have to be very careful about your skin once you have been healed. Try to avoid getting too much exposure to the sun especially when it’s hot. Apply sunblock or bring an umbrella when you go out. Age spots can return if you do not take care of your skin.

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