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What Are Age Spots And How to Protect From Them

What Are Age Spots And How to Protect From Them

Age spots along with wrinkles are the most unwanted phenomenon on the skin of aging people, especially women. But, it is not only women don’t like to see them on the skin, men are now becoming more conscious of their appearance. Usually they are coming in the middle age of the human life, about 40 years, but also they could be seen on the skin of younger people.

Age spots can be defined as brown spots on the skin. They are not only brown, but also flat, gray or even black spots. Age spots appear on the places that are the most exposed to the sun, such as shoulders, arms, face and hands. Their size can vary. They don’t damage your health, but they influence on you to feel old and can affect the young spirit and enthusiasm that you always had. With the growth and development of medications and especially with developing cosmeceuticals, there are many ways to get rid of age spots. Some of the prevention advice could be very useful for you to prevent your skin from the early development of age spots. So, follow this advice if you want to prevent age spots:

1. Avoid exposing your skin to the sun and if you can’t avoid it, the recommendation, for saving you from age spots, is to use a sunscreen with sun protection factor. The minimum number of factor for protection from sun must be 15.

2. Following on from above, when you are using sunscreen for protection it is important to know that you need to apply it 30 minute before you are going outdoors. It is because your skin needs the time to absorb the sunscreen. But, sunscreen is not for removing age spots or treating age spots that already exist. It is only to help prevent further age spots from appearing. After every hour passed, you will need to reply applying sunscreen, especially if you are at the beach, where you are often go into the water and sweat. That means that you will need, each time that you go into the water and each time when you come out from it, to apply sunscreen.

3.If you are able, than avoid the sun from 10 a.m to 4 p.m It is because in this period the sun rays is the most damaging and ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays cause age spots.

4. Protect your skin with clothing. Cover it with the natural materials such as cotton. Cotton is the most comfortable material for summer. Use long sleeved shirts, long pants or skirts and a hat. With heat you don’t only need protection from the sun, but also, from heat rash and sunstroke.

When you are young this may seem like a lot of effort to prevent age spots in yur future, but one thing is for sure: when you are older and are starting to develop age spots, you will wish you could turn back time and take more care of your skin. Prevention of age spots is far easier than finding a treatment for age spots that works, even in 2010.

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