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How To Get Rid of Stubborn Age Spots

How To Get Rid of Stubborn Age Spots

It is believed that once you hit the age of 40, you will have at least one age spot. Most people within the ages of 40 and above will begin to develop age spots on the face, hands, and arms as these areas are the most exposed region of the body and sun spots often start from these regions. Unfortunately there is no immediate cure for age spots, and if you want to remove them, you have to take your time because fading them can be a lengthy process.

Over the years, the use of Alpha-Hydroxy acid in removing age spots has continued to increase. Alpha-Hydroxy acids allow dead skin to fall away and prompts the skin to regenerate. A highly effective treatment such as alpha hydroxy acid is essential because the formation of age spots often takes years to develop on the skin. It is believed that the effect of using alpha hydroxy acids may not be immediate, however they are long lasting and permanent on the skin.

Aside from the use of Alpha Hydroxy acids, Retinoids are some other effective treatments for age spots. Retinoids are synthetically derived from Vitamin A, and  Retinoids work in the same way as alpha hydroxy acid by stimulating the growth of new skin cells while dissolving the old affected ones.  Stubborn age spots refer to those that often reappear after a long period of treatment, such age spots are often characterized by continuous spread as well as discolouration of the affected areas and most over-the-counter treatments have failed to deal with the situation.

Another fast way of dealing with stubborn age spots is the use of chemical peels. It is regarded as one way of forcing the skin to regenerate itself, hence this kind of treatment can be highly dangerous and must be professionally handled to prevent any damage to the skin. Most people do not resort to using chemical peels because of its likely damaging effects, however it often remains the last resort for people whose age spot problem could not be cured through any other means. Stubborn age spots should be examined by a dermatologist before any form of harsh chemical or acidic treatment is performed.

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