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What Are The Differences Between Liver Spots and Age Spots?

What Are The Differences Between Liver Spots and Age Spots?

Age spots are small dark spots which appear on the skin especially as most individuals age. For some people such liver spots might be very large (as large as a freckle), while to some, such spots could larger than a centimeter across. Though there might be some other factors responsible for the situation but in most cases, such spots result from extreme exposure of the skin to sunlight rays.  Liver spots are quite similar to age spots in a number of ways because of their primary source as well as the characteristics of the spots.

There seem to be no difference between liver spot and age spots. Age spots got their name from the fact that they usually occur in people older than 40 years of age, while for liver spots which many people often think that it is associated with faulty liver conditions, and often come with varying colours of black red, and sometimes grey. These are colours which are also associated with age spots.

Basically as one ages, the more melanin produced. Age spots are more prominent in fair skin people but liver spots can affect both light and dark skinned people regardless of age . For both liver spots and age spots, the more exposed your body is to the sun, the more likely and quickly you develop them. Light skinned people are often less susceptible to suffering from age spots and liver spots because the melanin present in the skin are not as much as those with dark skin and more melanin.

People who suffer from age and liver spots while young are those who inherit such problems. Most of these people often have lighter skin and this means melanin which protects the skin from the damaging effect of the sun may or may not play any prominent role in their early infection with liver or age spots. Light brown spots often form on the skin of these people and the spots grown in size or spread to some other parts especially when they exposed further to the damaging rays of the sun .

There are basically no prominent difference between liverspots and age spots, in most cases they are interchanged and they mean the same thing under different situations. The only difference that exist is the fact that age spots are more prominent among people over the age of 40 and are not hereditary in nature, however liverspots could be hereditary.

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