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Fraxel Laser Age Spot Removal

Fraxel Laser Age Spot Removal

The most dreaded prospect on earth by most people is getting old & aging. However, since this cannot be avoided many people put efforts on delaying old age. Aging not only brings wrinkles and fine lines, but  aging also comes with developing dark spots.

Dark spots on the skin could be caused by several factors, one of which is exposure to the sun. Being exposed to the sun for long periods of time is a factor for having dark spots on the skin. Melanin is produced by the body which gives out its skin tone. The skin is protected from the heat of the sun because of melanin. The skin likely to get darker when more time is spent under the sun. Melanin does such action. However, melanin, when produced at irregular levels can cause the skin tone uneven and leave dark spots.

As people get older, the appearance of dark spots on the body begins. Especially if it is on the face, it could really be a cosmetic nuisance. There are many ways of getting rid of dark spots on the skin. However there is no one-size-fits-all medication.

An effective way to remove dark spots is through Fraxel treatment. Fraxel represents Fractional Erbium Laser. Other laser procedures could take many sessions and cost, but Fraxel reduces all of that to as little as one session for some. Some laser treatments also require 2-3 weeks of rest because it can cause redness, inflammation and exfoliation of the dermis. As the saying goes, when there is no pain, there is no gain.

The thing with Fraxel laser treatment is that its procedure could only take one session and it is very effective in removing dark spots from any parts of the body. Fraxel is a very effective solution to blemishes. Despite the fact of its safety and effectiveness, this treatment procedure could cost a lot of dollars. So, if your dark spots are not so many and severe, try another way for getting rid of them. If you may, then undergo this if it is really needed. If Fraxel’s effectiveness is really chosen, it is alright to try.

Previous dark spots are removed by Fraxel treatment, but not future dark spots. Undergoing Fraxel treatment is not an assurance of not having them again. Take care of your skin through avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun and using SPF lotion.