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Laser Surgery – The Best Treatment Choice For Age Spot Removal?

Laser Surgery – The Best Treatment Choice For Age Spot Removal?

Among the various treatments for age spot removal is laser surgery. Skin experts state that among the several methods to aid in getting rid of age spots, laser surgery is at the top. The process is generally performed by directing the laser beam to the affected skin which then produces energy which in turn produces heat. Heat then finally destroys the skin lesions. However, like many other remedies, laser surgery possesses both benefits and downsides. So, before opting to pick this treatment option over another, conscientiously determine which of the two outweighs the other.

The first of its advantages is it is effective; thus, it is the best for doctors. And according to skin doctors, laser surgery predominates over both cryosurgery and chemical peels. It is also far more dissimilar from other age spot treatments because this process results to the semi-permanent elimination of the skin lesions. But although an age spot removed through the use of laser will never come back again, the feasibility of the development of new age spots is not escapable. But even though there are other various treatment modalities present, laser surgery still wins the competition because it is far more effective and it generates outcomes that people find more favorable.

Another positive characteristic of laser surgery is that it is a technique that requires only a short amount of duration and a small frequency: twenty minutes and two to three sessions, respectively. In addition, pain does not overwhelm the person’s threshold for pain. You can still do anything as if you have not received a serious treatment.    There may be edema – which stay for only hours or days. You may also notice skin discoloration but this does not last beyond weeks.

What then is the negative attribute? Do the words “surgery” and especially “laser” ring a bell? Most commonly, a hundred dollars is charged for age spot removal on a small area of the skin. And some doctors offer a complete body package which ranges from one thousand to two thousand dollars. But these are not the exact amounts for there are factors still to be considered. This is actually the primary reason why some just prefer to use alternative treatment methods. But despite being really expensive, most still choose to have laser surgery because they believe it will be really effective.

So, is this the treatment you want to choose? Ask yourself this first question: “Do I have the money for it?” Next question: “Am I prepared to encounter temporary alterations in skin color, edema and extremely tolerable pain?” If you have had enough of those unappealing dark spots and you beleive you are qualified to have laser surgery performed on these lesions, then go for it! If the positive attributes weigh far greater than the negative aspects, then you have nothing to worry about.

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