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Actinic Keratosis And Its Main Causes

Actinic Keratosis And Its Main Causes

There are three types of keratosis: actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, and keratosis pilaris. The most common form of keratosis is actinic keratosis among the three. Ignoring cases of actinic keratosis may only result to having a cancer.

Actinic keratosis is also referred to as solar keratosis and it can be seen in the outermost layer of the skin known as the epidermis. It is usually recognized by the abnormality of the keratinocytes which mainly compose the epidermis. Since it is a precancerous skin condition, actinic keratosis may form squamous cell carcinoma or other worse conditions. It is just the right thing to watch out because some cases of actinic keratosis means formation of other skin cancers.

Older men as well as those who are light-skinned are the promising candidates of this skin condition. It has to be deemed as essential that there are times when the early manifestations are seen on the age of 30. Those individuals who are always exposed to the sun are basically the ones who are commonly affected by actinic keratosis. Specifically, areas of the body that receive high exposure to the sun are the parts where actinic keratosis appears (legs, backs of the hands, forearms, neck, face). Men who are bald may have scalps where the growth is seen as well as on the ears and on the lips.

Primary actinic keratosis is often detected by means of feeling the skin. The small regions are normally rough and light brown. As the growth becomes larger, its color becomes reddish or pink. The normal size of a lesion is from one millimeter to two centimeters. The development of the growth turns out to be outward for some time.

In any case, there are two primary causes of actinic keratosis.

The most basic cause of actinic keratosis is the exposure of the affected individual to carcinogenic factors. The manifestation of actinic keratosis may be led by being highly exposed to the sun. Because of the mounted up sun exposure of the affected individual all throughout his life, actinic keratosis may occur. When one is always under the sun, he is likely to be exposed to the ultraviolet light from the sun which is carcinogenic. The chances of having cancers of the skin are high to those who are exposed to some chemical. One chemical that works like this is arsenic. Another thing that causes amplification of the risk of having skin cancers is ionizing radiation just like radiotherapy.

The other primary cause of actinic keratosis is genetic syndromes. In fact, there are finite genetic syndromes that may stimulate the development of skin cancers.

Do not forget that it is still best to frequently check your body so that you can determine if there are spots that, who knows, may be actinic keratosis. When doubtful, turn to your doctor to consult your skin condition.

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