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Age Spots Treatment

Age Spots Treatment

Age spots can be regarded as signs of photo-aged skin. It is the accumulation of the several effect of excessive exposure to UV rays from sunlight as well as the severe use of tanning methods which has now come to haunt your skin. A sun damaged skin is a cumulative process, the areas of the skin pigmentation which darkens as a result of the accumulation of melanin which are produced in excess and in reaction to the over-exposure to the UV rays are referred to as age spots. Age spots are more common in people with fair skin types.

Age spots gradually build up over time, and though may look harmless but its appearance on the skin becomes distressing for many. Age spot removers are effective in varying degrees when they are used to deal with age spots. Age spot removers are classified as mild, average and efficient , depending on their degree of effectiveness in age spot removal.

Most home remedies are regarded as mild age spot removers , this is due to the fact that they can only fade out the age spots from the skin, however many people can have such age spots coming back after few months because they refuse to protect their skin from the excessive sun rays.

Most of the efficient age spot removers are quite expensive and can be used in achieving a long lasting result. Facial lasers such as IPL can actually remove age spots effectively with little or no side effects. These kinds of age spot treatment can be performed on all types of skin, though some forms of anesthetics can be applied on some sensitive skin types before the actual laser treatment is applied.

Over-the-counter bleaching agents such as Hydroquinone creams and Kojic acid treatments cannot be regarded as very efficient because they cannot be applied on all types of skins. Alpha-Hydroxy acid (Glycolic acid) contains a higher concentration of chemical peels than Hydroquinone and Kojic acids, and it is recommended in certain conditions. Over-the-counter bleaching creams work similarly to chemical peels, they can be effective in age spot treatment, however they can cause skin irritation, flakiness, dryness, itching, soreness and redness.

The most efficient age spot removal therapy is the one that removes age spots gradually and which does not pose any serious side effects after treatment. Such age spot remover must prevent a re-occurrence of age spots in the future.

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