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Age Spots Is A Skin Condition

Age Spots Is A Skin Condition

Skin conditions such as age spots have become a part of everyday life and you may have come across them at some point. Most of these spots don’t arise because of diseases or such like, they occur because of simple things we do here and there that cause them. But there are some skin conditions that have genuine causes while others are so rare that even their causes are yet to be established.

One such example of skin conditions is age spots. This is a skin condition characterized by spots that are similar to freckles but are slightly larger. They do not have a standard color as some of them are red; others brown and still others are black. On the skin they may be seen as a cluster or even just a single dot.  These spots are also known as liver spots and solar lentigines.

The main cause of age spots is prolonged exposure to the sun without using any form of protection. Such areas where age spots are likely to form are the face, arms and hands. Wearing protective items such as hats can reduce the sunlight being exposed on your face and wearing sunscreen can help reduce the effect of the sun’s UV rays. This is a condition that people above the age of 55 suffer from. It is not entirely rare either to come across a young person with age spots as it depends on the amount of time that individual spent in the sun.

There is not much difference between an age spot and another serious mark. There are cases of simple skin conditions which later turn into serious skin diseases like melanoma which is deadly because of its ability to spread to other organs and affect them also. By knowing what your spots look like you’ll be able to tell the difference if they should change in size, shape or appearance. Seek medical advice constantly.

Bleaching may seem like a desirable option as a way to remove age spots but if not chosen well and used with caution it may cause your skin more damage. This happens when the bleaching chemicals in the bleaching cream cause the melanocytes to lower the production of melanin thus leading to lighter skin. But it should be noted that as much as your age spot problem may be solved you’ll need to take extra care of your skin as it will be more prone to skin cancer.

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