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How To Stop The Formation Of Age Spots

How To Stop The Formation Of Age Spots

The sun is the most important factor in the formation of age spots. The sun’s menacing rays are thrown back into space other than the skin by the skin pigment termed melanin. As people grow older, this ability of melanin decreases which make older people’s skin more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun such as age spots. Therefore, in order to obstruct them from presenting on our skin, we have to follow these guidelines specifically targeted at shunning the sun and safeguarding our skin from the sun. To limit your exposure to the sun: cover yourself with protective clothing like attires with long sleeves, pants and wide headgears; never forget to carry with you an umbrella; always prefer screened places; remain at home from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon and just remain at home if you really do not have anything pertinent to do outside.

Now, let us talk about how we can protect our skin from the sun. Never ever forget to use a sunscreen wherever you are. Moreover, be certain that the sunscreen you are going to buy states that is reflects both the UVA and the UVB rays, that you apply a more than enough amount of it on your skin and that you rub again after two hours or depending on the time that the label on the sunscreen instructs.

To greatly increase your odds of not having age spots, you have to modify the ways by which you live your life. Balance your diet giving importance to fruits and vegetables and to foods that are high in antioxidant and Vitamin A content such as berries and green tea because these nutrients assist in protecting our cells. You should also consume foods high in essential fatty acid content – which ensure the health of the cell barriers – such as salmon. And if you do not want to have pimples, you should set aside those delicious but fatty and oily foods. Then, you should never forget to give your body plenty of water to help excrete toxins and other harmful substances in the body. Exercising for three to five times a week is the last reminder. Through exercise, your blood circulation is enhanced therefore, oxygenated blood adequately brings oxygen and other nutrients that the skin need while deoxygenated blood brings out the toxins and other unused substances for removal from the body.

Therefore, by conforming with the recommendations identified in the previous paragraphs, you are both protected from age spots and other skin injuries such as skin cancer.

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