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Age Spot

Age Spot

Skin conditions are a very natural occurrence almost everywhere. One in every five people suffers from a skin condition at one point or the other. Some of them are pointless and can be eradicated by just changing some form of our lifestyles. Most of these skin conditions share the same cause with the biggest culprit being the sun. Others are so rare that even their causes are yet to be known.

One example of such skin conditions is the age spot. They can be defined as a collection of skin pigment in one area of the skin. They are flat and can be grey, black or brown in color. Some of them appear in clusters but it is not unusual to find a single spot on its own. They are also commonly known as liver spots, sun spots or solar lentigines. They are known as sun spots because just as the name suggest, they are caused by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

An age spot can appear anywhere on the body as long as it has been exposed to the sun. The most common areas would be the face, neck, chest, hands, arms and shoulders. It is a skin condition which is commonly seen with people who are above the age of 40. This is not strictly true as there are cases of younger people developing this condition. The determinant here is the amount of sunlight an individual has been exposed to.

Most people may make the mistake of confusing something much more serious with an age spot. This is because an age spot doesn’t have any distinct way of being identified and that is why only a qualified professional dermatologist will be able to tell the difference. This should be taken seriously as there are cases of simple and harmless skin conditions turning into dangerous and fatal skin diseases such as melanoma.

Another cause of these spots may be bruising of the skin which will cause blood residues to remain thus leaving a dark spot. Some people also make the mistake of getting sun burnt while trying to get a tan.

When it comes to age spot treatment there’s the option of bleaching creams. These may seem like the ideal treatment but when you come to think of it, you may be setting yourself up for more harm than good. When the bleaching agents come into contact with the melanin they cause it to lighten thus leaving the skin even more susceptible to the sun’s rays which could easily lead to skin cancer.

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