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Make-Up With SPF: Protect Your Skin From Age Spots & Keratosis

Make-Up With SPF: Protect Your Skin From Age Spots & Keratosis

Have you ever heard that the kind of make-up you apply has an impact on skin protection and thus, spares you from having age spots? Yes, you heard right! Now, make-up sold in stores are equipped with the power of making you beautiful and protecting your skin simultaneously – a product of skin care technology. Now, make-up, like some moisturizers and sunscreens, already contain a sun protection factor (SPF) which will help protect your skin from the sun and therefore avoid age spots. But to choose the right make-up, you have to remember a few healthy reminders.

The first step in choosing the most appropriate SPF-equipped make-up for you is to know the type of your skin. This can easily be done with the help of skin experts such as dermatologists or even those that are located in cosmetic stores. This is very necessary because if you do not use a make-up that is befiiting for your skin type, you may get unwanted skin issues. Similar to your regular set of make-up, your set of SPF-enhanced make-up should include moisturizer, foundation, blusher, lip tints, eye shadows and sunscreen.

To pick the base foundation you would like to use, determine your skin type and find a befitting foundation for it, whether it be liquid foundation or a mineral powder. Your knowledge in skin types will give you the power to choose the most suitable make-up for a dry skin or oily skin, among other skin types. But you have to put face sunscreen first before applying foundation. The reason is of course, to give your skin a defense from the sun’s damaging rays and another reason is to make your make-up bind to your skin. But if you are to buy a sunscreen, make sure that is has both titanium oxide and zinc oxide for better UVA and UVB protection. You can never go wrong with these two chemicals because they work together in making your  skin better protected from the sun’s rays. But do not forget your lips because they are indeed extremely susceptible to every type of damaging agent such as the sun! Now, you can also find SPF in lipsticks as well as balms and glosses.

There are as of today so many brands offering these SPF-armed make-up and the best thing to do is to be very cautious in selecting a brand such as you have to take into consideration a certain brand’s popularity and of course, the price. Aside from you own investigation, it will help a lot if you get recommendations from skin doctors – recommendations about which brands are cost-effective but still have a high level of SPF and have both titanium and zinc oxides. You can also inquire from your relative or friends who have already tried and tested several brands and then you can already compare each and every one from another. Just remember that you cannot believe everything the television has to say about a certain brand because you have to see before you believe.

Be very cautious when it comes to a brand’s price. Again, remember the importance of sunscreen to prevent age spots and keratosis. Prevention is much better than cure.

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