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Liver Spots On Skin

Liver Spots On Skin

Liver spots may sometimes be referred to as solar lentigo or old age spots. Colours of age spots vary in different individuals, they may appear as pink, red, light or dark brown. Liver spots develop in stages and each stage come with its own unique characteristic features. Just like the many colours of liver spots, age spots can also appear in different shapes with common ones including, oval shape, and irregular shapes. The edges of the spots often become sharp in nature.

Though exposure to sunlight rays is mostly responsible for the development of age spots, there are however several other possible causes of the problem. One of the characteristic features of the advanced formation of age spots on the skin is that the skin will not be able to rejuvenate itself quickly unlike before, many people often develop liver spots late, even at the age of 55 or more.

The characteristic discoloration of liver spots on skin may often resemble the colour of the liver and that is why many do think the infection result from liver diseases, this is not true, a good diagnosis can confirm whether you are suffering from solar lentigo or some kind of allergic reactions which may also result in spots that resemble age spots.

Liver spots can be detected by physically examining the spots. Cancerous spots may look like liver spots and such may be very difficult to detect, a dermatologist will be in the best position to detect whether the spots are cancerous in nature or not. Age spots will never become raised, however when such spots are raised then they will likely become cancerous. Even non cancerous liver spots are unaesthetic in nature and you may consider removing them.

Some of the best possible ways of removing liver spots are; Laser therapy, electro-surgery, chemical peels, cryotherapy, home remedies and bleaching creams. Like it is generally believed, “prevention is better than cure” it will be more ideal to prevent the formation of solar lentigo than treating it. A sun screen or sun spot with an SPF of at least 15 will be most suitable to prevent liver spot from developing on your skin.

You will need to avoid the use of harsh chemical substances while treating yourself, exposure to sunlight and the use of different treatment methods at a time can worsen your liver spot conditions.

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