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Liver Spots & Retin-A

Liver Spots & Retin A

Can Retin A be used as a long term treatment for liver spots?

It is quite wonderful to note that Retin A can be used for a long term treatment of liver spots. The same precautions used for short term Retin A treatments also apply for the long term treatments. One of the main precautions that must be taken while using retin A treatment is that one should avoid further excessive sun exposure and then you are not expected to make use of any supportive treatments except when directed by your doctor. Wearing protective clothing and sunscreens should also be seriously considered.

For people who are older than 50 and suffering from advanced forms of liver spots (also called age spots, brown spots or sun spots) which may often become cancerous in nature, they are advised to make use of a more generic form of Retin-A which is tretinoin. Tretinoin can be effectively used in the long term treatment of the most stubborn forms of liver spots. It is very important to take directives from your doctor because you may have to apply tretinoin treatments less frequently as you grow older.

Superficial skin irritation problems are the commonest side effects known with tretinoin and excessive application of Retin A treatments for liver spots. Some of the most prominent forms of side effects associated with the use of Retin A are; mild tingling, redness, and peeling. In most cases, Retin A treatment is often discontinued after few weeks , while most doctors advise that once any side effect is noticed during the use of Retin A, the treatment should be discontinued.

Retin A in most cases are not prescribed as liver spot treatment for pregnant mothers. Retin A is believed to have some potential hazards on unborn babies and as a matter of fact Retin A can lead to some other forms of discolourations on the skin of new born babies or result in some other forms of deformations, hence it should not be used by pregnant women .

Retin A is applied early in the morning or just before you retire to bed, Tretinoin on the other hand is often applied at night shortly before bed time. Retin A contains powerful chemicals which can fade liver spots even within a short period of time, however it must be cautiously used to reduce or prevent the likely side effects of liver spots. Cancerous liver spots should be treated with tretinoin – the generic form of retin A.

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