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Age Spots – Causes & Treatment

Age Spots – Causes & Treatment

Skin conditions can be found everywhere and you may have come across them here and there. They are very common and yet people don’t realize that by just changing our lifestyle a bit we can totally eradicate some of them. Some of these skin conditions have common causes while others have rare causes while still others their causes are yet to be determined.

An example of such skin conditions is age spots. This is a skin condition characterized by freckle or dime sized spots on the skin. These spots vary when it comes to color as there are some which are brown, others grey and some even black. They can appear on the skin as a cluster or as a single dot. They have other name variants which are liver spots, sun spots and solar lentigines.

Their main cause is exposure to the sun without protecting yourself. They appear on areas of the body that have been exposed to the sun for too long. Such places are like the hands, the face, the arms and shoulders. Age spots seen a lot in people above the age of 40 although there have been cases people much younger than the age of 40. This all depends on how much exposure to sunlight an individual has had.

There is little to mark the difference between an age spot and something else which may be more serious. Only a professional dermatologist will be able to tell the difference. Age spots may come as a result of unintended sunburn when trying to get a tan. Another cause of age spots may be simple bruising of the skin. This is because the bruising leaves blood pigments as a residue.

Most people will turn to bleaching as an option to treat age spots. Bleaching cream may seem like the better option but when we take hard look, it causes us more harm than good. Some of the chemicals found in cheap skin bleaching cream are the same that can be found in bleaching house agents. Also sun exposure is a major concern when it comes to the skin and as mentioned earlier the sun can be a major cause of skin conditions. When using a bleaching product, the chemicals inside it react with the melanin causing it to lighten. As much as you’ll be achieving the desired outcome, you’ll only leave your skin more vulnerable to the UV rays as the melanin’s effectiveness is reduced.

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