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Simple Home Remedies For Seborrheic Keratosis

Simple Home Remedies For Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis is a skin condition whereby growths occur. There is nothing serious about these growths as they are non-cancerous and quite harmless. No one knows for sure the real cause of these growths but there are speculations that it may run in your family. Most skin pigmentation conditions are linked with sunlight involvement but not so with this condition. It seems not to have any direct relation with the sun. Seborrheic keratosis is characterized by their appearance which looks like wax which has fallen on the skin. This means that it looks like it can be removed. It grows in such a manner that makes it look like it is not a part of the skin. In relation to this, most people like picking at them just to see if they can come off. No amount of picking will cause them to disappear. The more you pick at it, the more it becomes irritated and eventually bleeds. At this stage you will need to see a doctor.

There is no proper treatment for this condition and the only one that will remove it completely is the electrical surgery, other than that a few ointments here and there might not help much. There are however, some simple home remedies especially for those suffering from seborrheic keratosis.

One sure way of keeping this condition at bay is the use of hydrogen peroxide. This chemical can be used to reduce the appearance of these growths. The hydrogen peroxide should be applied directly to the spots which will then turn white. They will stay white for a while but after frequent applications they will eventually turn pink. The pink would then be permanent as a result of scabs forming on the growths. For this treatment to be effective it has to be applied periodically. For a precise application, use ear buds or a small brush. One important thing to note is that the area surrounding the seborrheic keratosis should have moisturizer or lotion applied to it because during the application the skin can get burnt. This home treatment can be done on a weekly basis and to ensure that they do not form again, hydrogen peroxide can be added to bathing water.

Another seborrheic keratosis home remedy is through the use of glycolic acid solution. This should never be used in its concentrated form but should rather be diluted to contain only 30% of the acid. This solution should be periodically swabbed onto the keratoses.

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