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Seborrheic Keratosis Treatments

Seborrheic Keratosis Treatments

A type of keratosis which have a pasted on and oily appearance is called seborrheic keratosis. It is one of the signs of aging. But age is not the only factor for having seborrheic keratosis. Heredity is another factor to be looked into observed this.   Keratinocytes are the origin of these growths. You don’t have to worry much about it since it is not that dangerous. Its only side effect is its ugly appearance. You should not mistake this type of keratosis for warts because they have no viral nature.

It persists on sun exposed parts of the skin such as the neck, arms, legs and back so it is perceived that the sun could be a factor on having seborrheic keratosis. It has this pasted on appearance, and can become a cause of losing self confidence especially if it grows on parts of the face.

You can just disregard it since it does not do you any harm. However you should not try to remove of it yourself. Doing so may instigate infection. It is also good if you wash with mild soaps and detergents to prevent irritation.

Getting rid of this requires a doctor’s guidance. It all relies on you if you want to go through the treatments below.


•    Laser treatments are effective in seborrheic keratosis removal.   It only wipes out the damaged cells and has no effect on healthy cells.

•    Oftentimes, electrocautery comes with curettage in seborrheic keratosis removal. Areas affected by seborrheic keratosis are burned off by utilizing electricity.

•    Curettage employs using a curette, which will scrape off keratosis. Combining this with electrocautery can make it more effective.

•    Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze off the affected areas to make them fall off.

It is advised to maintain your healthy skin.

seborrheic keratosis

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