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Home Remedies For Lightening Age Spots

Home Remedies For Lightening Age Spots

Do you know which the biggest organ on the human body is? It’s the skin. The most usual “struggle” that people do for protecting their skin is the struggle from the sun rays and age spots. Age spots are not dangerous but it is recommended if you notice them go to your doctor to check that they are in fact age spots and nothing more serious.

Age spots come in the shape of the brown, small spots on the skin. Their look, as it has already been mentioned not damage your health, but sometimes their appearance can be deceiving. It is because some of the age spots could be carcinogenic, so that why it is recommended to visit your doctor if you see them on your skin. Actually there are more ways of the protecting from age spots and same with that few ways for removing and recovering them.

If your pigment is natural white so you are one of the candidates for getting age spots. But, of course, they could be removed especially when they appear on young skin. One of the most useful and most effective solutions for removing age spots is with laser. But, this medical way of removing is very expensive so most of the people cannot afford it. The other and affordable solution for most people is by using some of the natural creams or even, some of the home remedies. But, using these creams some times doesn’t give results as you are expecting. So, the process of treatment is longer and needs more persistence and patience.

Looking into home remedies, you can find some fruits that you are daily using into your cooking. So, it is interesting for you to know that some of these you can also use for lighten age spots. Lemon juice is one of the most used fruit for lightening sun spots. Squeeze fresh lemon juice in some container, dab cotton ball into it and apply into the age spots. For better results, this process you should to replay twice per day, in the morning and in the evening. But, be careful with lemon juice on your skin, because lemon makes skin photosensitive and could damage to it. So, before you go out cover previously applied skin with lemon.

Second also, used fruits for lightening age spots is and green papaya. So, pull out of the fridge green papaya and use only fleshy side of it for applying on yours age spots for 15-20 minutes daily. This process you should repeat until you attain wished lightness.

Both of these cases for removing or lighting age spots are very affordable, but depending of your type of skin depends and effects of them. So, some of the methods could be useful for one person, but it doesn’t mean that they will be useful for all.

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