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How To Prevent Age Spots From Getting Worse

How To Prevent Age Spots From Getting Worse

Too much exposure to the sun can give you skin problems. Skin pigments build up on the surface of the skin because of sun exposure. Uneven skin tone and age spots appear because of this. Since the skin of an older persons body deteriorates as they age, they are more susceptible to this. Body parts that get too much sun exposure acquire more age spots.

Age spots usually affect those over the age of 40. Read these tips for advice on how to improve the appearance of age spots.

• Visit a dermatologist. Dark spots on skin are not always age spots, they can be melanoma but this is rare.

• Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are at their highest levels during 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Other ways include use of umbrellas and putting on sunblock.

• Drink plenty of water. Add more fruit and vegetables to your daily diet.

• Laser treatment may remove age spots and prevent age spots from getting worse, but does not stop new ones from appearing. You have to be very careful in maintaining this because age spots can still come back on previously sun exposed areas of skin.

Age spot removal comes in many forms. These can diminish age spots. Some of these procedures are:

Laser therapy This procedure does not destroy the surface of the skin. Age spots are effectively removed without damaging nearby skin. There is also less pain involved. However, it can be quite expensive.

Cryotherapy Cryotherapy utilizes extreme cold in removing age spots. The downside of this therapy is that it can also destroy nearby skin cells not affected by age spots.

Dermabrasion There are two varieties of dermabrasion available, namely microdermabrasion or the classic dermabrasion. This involves the removal of the outer layer or skin surface. This could be painful for some people and leave skin raw looking in case of traditional dermabrasion.

Chemical Peels Acids are used to exfoliate the skin. Once the skin is peeled off, new skin develops. The most popular acid used for this kind of treatment is glycolic acid.

Topical Creams Use of topical cream to remove age spots is extremely effective and can be used at home.

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