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Age Spots – Symptoms and Cures

Age Spots – Symptoms and Cures

Age spots are also commonly known as liver spots or lentigines. They can be usually observed in old people. Age spots are tan, brown spots that occur on the areas of skin, most exposed to sun. As a person ages, many changes occur in his body and immune system. Skin is also an area that is affected by the aging. As a result of aging skin becomes loose and thin thus resulting in problems such as wrinkles, age spots and freckles.

Age spots can be observed on areas such as hands, feet, arms, neck, chest and face as these areas are more exposed to sun. As a result of increasing pollution, the working of ozone layer has been affected therefore today, more UV rays can reach the surface of the Earth as compared to a few decades ago. These UV rays attack the melanocyte cells in our skin thus causing age spots.

The symptoms of age spots include discolouration or occurrence of small spots on skin. Whenever you observe a minor change in skin tone it is advisable to consult a doctor as it may be a symptom of long term problem known as age spots. Age spots are usually lighter in the beginning but with the passage of time they start getting darker. Thus causing continuous change in skin tone. These spots are painless and do not cause irritation or itching. Although they are painless but they can affect the appearance of a person, thus affecting his self -confidence.

Although these spots are caused by over exposure to sun rays , but these spots increase as a result of ignorance or lack of care and observance. When you observe minor changes in the skin tone, it is essential to take them seriously or it may result in some bigger problem such as age spots. Ignorance in terms of using a sunscreen daily is also the main cause of this problem.

Age spots can be treated in a number of ways. Usually bleaching creams and lotions are preferred by people in order to even out the skin tone but apart from this other treatments are also available. Intense pulsed light treatments (IPL), laser treatments, retinoids, chemical peel and cryotherapy are the most well known treatments of age spots. Tretinoin is most preferred cream and is used to help people having age spots. Using sunscreen – having at least SPF 15- daily is also the part of treatment , as it prevents from further damage that suns rays can cause.

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