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Look Younger And Avoid Age Spots With Food

Look Younger And Avoid Age Spots With Food

In the hot summer days it is very important, not only how to protect from sun, but also to know what kind of food to take in. Water and food are very important to save us from dehydration, which can happen easily during hot summer days. With protecting from the sun, in the same time you are protecting yourself from age spots.
Age spots are caused from the sun’s rays and they could be seen on the hands, arms, shoulders and face. The most usual protection from age spots is using sunscreen with factors from 15 to 50. Higher factor for using is recommended for those who have very sensitive skin. But, it not only that you could be protected from the age spots by using creams with high level of protection. One of the way for protection,and for more smooth and beautiful skin is the food you eat. Some of the food could affect on your skin and your beauty even that you are not aware of it. Fish, yogurt, fruits such as blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry, diet rich with vegetables and lot of the fruits contain antioxidants which are the anti-age “fighters”. So, it not only that you can protect yourself from the sun’s rays and influences with correct food, but also you can be protected from the age spots and aging.

One of the most powerful vegetable for the complex of your skin and the most used in creams for protecting from the age spots is carotene. Carotene is the most powerful not only if you use the creams that contain it, but also if you use it in your daily menu. Also, with this food you will not only protect your skin from the age spots, but also you can make your figure more attractive and thinner, especially if you have problems with metabolism. So, reducing of the food you will get more effects: better complexion, better figure, healthy body and protection from the most unwanted age spots.

Same with the food that you should enter into your body, there are some foods that you should avoid, if you want to look younger and protected from the age spots, too. So, food that you should avoid is: pork, sausages, food made with lot of oil such as chips or French fries, sugar and fizzy drinks, cakes and similar.

When we are talking about food as one of the factors for protection from the age spots, better complexion and younger look, for sure that is important also to mention and drinks that could be useful for it. For sure these are: fresh pressed juice from orange, lemon, and whole berries, ice tea and very rarely it could be coffee, but only one or maximum two per day.

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