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Hyperpigmentation & Liver Spots

Hyperpigmentation & Liver Spots

Liver spots are a skin condition that results from hyperpigmentation. They are harmless but may be agonizing for those who are conscious about the way they look. This condition is also known as senile lentigines. They are similar to freckles but can be a bit bigger in appearance. This condition is mostly seen in adults above the age of 55. It normally occurs on the back of the hands and the forehead. This condition is linked with prolonged exposure to the sun but there are speculations that it may be caused by other things.

Not to be confused with the name, liver spots do not arise as a result of a liver disease but they are also known as age spots. It is frequently diagnosed in people with Caucasian skin as compared to dark skinned people. They are commonly found in areas that are constantly exposed to the sun. Such areas may be the arms, hands and face. Although rare, they can be found on areas which are less exposed to the sun too.

These spots are not extra skin but only extra melanin in which case they are flat and oval shaped, with irregular boundaries but some may or may not have defined borders. The largest that have ever been formed reach up to one inch in diameter. These spots may as well be the only spots that don’t respond to sunlight as no amount of exposure causes them to darken. They are generally not cancerous however it is important that you report any changes in color, shape or size that you may notice.

As this is a condition that appears with age, not many people bother to do anything about it. In contrast many spend a small fortune to find effective treatments for liver spots. There are people who are very sensitive about how they look and the appearance of liver spots may cause them to worry. Purely for cosmetic reasons, there are bleaching agents and creams that can be applied to the skin to reduce the appearance of these spots.

In most cases it would be advisable to let nature take its course because some of these chemicals found in the cosmetics are harmful the skin and to your health in general. Some of these bleaching creams have ingredients similar to those found in your house bleaching detergent. It’s almost as similar to applying detergent on your face. If you must use cosmetics make sure the ingredients are safe and all natural if possible.

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