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Liver Spots Are A Sign of Aging

Liver Spots Are A Sign of Aging

Liver spots are the number one sign of aging skin. Other signs may be wrinkles and saggy skin. But interestingly enough they are not really signs of aging but are a result of skin that has been exposed to the sun for too long. The real changes of aging skin can be showed by decreased sweating, stunted hair growth and increased skin dryness. Other name variants for liver spots are age spots, brown spots and solar lentigo.

Liver spots are brown or red in color and they are first evident on the arms and hands then they later spread to the face. However much as this is rare, they can also appear on the legs and chest. The overproduction of melanin in your skin is a defense mechanism. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the color of your skin. The more melanin there is, the darker the skin and the less the melanin the lighter the skin color. When melanin is exposed to sunlight, melanocytes which are responsible for the production of melanin are triggered to produce even more melanin. This is because melanin absorbs the sun’s rays. The more the exposure the higher the levels of melanin being produced and the darker the skin becomes leading to blotches and patches of dark skin. These spots may also be symptoms of another problem apart from skin condition.

Liver spots have nothing to do with the liver as much as the name suggests. A liver spot is not raised and you cannot feel them. They are oval shaped most of the time but they can also be distorted. They are the size of a pencil tip when small but there are some that reach the size of a quarter. These spots however do not darken with exposure with sunlight, they darken due to age and the sunlight only acts as a catalyst. These spots are not cancerous but they can be a symptom of something else. Whenever you notice any difference in the appearance of your liver spots, the best thing to do would be to contact your dermatologist and book an appointment.

Not many people are concerned about finding a treatment for this condition as it is linked with old age, but there are some who might feel uncomfortable and for cosmetic reasons may want to get rid of liver spots. Liver spot treatments include bleaching creams and lotions that one can use, however they are to be used with care as they may prove to be harmful too.

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